Advises before the day of surgery

The goal of effective preoperative care is to ‘ensure the individual is in the best physical and psychological condition possible before undergoing surgery. To have a successful surgery there are few things that is to be kept in mind by you. These are required to prepare your body to tolerate the proposed surgery successfully, to overcome the stressful recovery period and to go home early. They are –

  1. Cleaning of your umbilicus (belly button) with soap water (very important to prevent infection) .
  2. Cleaning and hair removal of the abdomen, pubic area and perineum.
  3. Light diet in the evening of previous day of surgery.
  4. Nil by mouth (not even water)  6 hours prior to proposed time of surgery on the day of surgery.
  5. Tab Dulcolax (2 nos) & Tab Festal( 2 nos) to take on previous night of surgery.
  6. To go to bed early and try to have a good sleep(tab Zolam 0.25mg may be taken )
  7. To take all the regular medications (unless denied by the surgeon / anaesthetist ) on the day of surgery . Oral medicines (like hypertensive medicines, thyroid medicines) can be taken with a sip of water in the morning of surgery day.

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